Please check, is your thyroid abnormal?

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Please check, is your thyroid abnormal?

‘Thyroid disease’ is a disease caused by abnormalities of the thyroid gland. Which is responsible for the body’s energy metabolism. It is more often found in women than in men at a ratio of approximately 5 to 1. Many people may have seen news about famous celebrities having this disease. and have different physical symptoms That’s because there are many different types of thyroid disease. They can be divided as follows:

1. Thyroid produces excess hormones. or thyroid toxicity

This type of thyroid can occur at any age. Patients will have symptoms of trembling hands, heart palpitations, irritability, irritability, sweating easily, insomnia, eating a lot but losing weight. It’s like there’s a metabolism going on all the time. You may lose 5-10 kilograms of weight within a month even if you do not exercise. However, approximately 10% of patients gain weight because they eat more food than the energy their body burns ทางเข้า ufabet However, treatment can be done by taking anti-thyroid medicine for about 2 years. In the long term, after stopping the medicine, you must come and check again. Because many people, when they stop taking the drug, are at risk of having it come back again by up to 70%.

2. Low thyroid hormone production

Patients with thyroid disease produce low hormone levels. Often there are symptoms opposite to thyroid hormone overproduction, which is a lack of metabolism. Gain weight easily Gaining weight quickly, sluggish, cold, constipated, frequently sleepy, sleeping a lot, but that doesn’t mean Obese people must always have thyroid problems. Initially, you can observe yourself from past and present behavior to see how much has changed. If you find that there is a risk, you should go get checked to be sure. Treating an underproducing thyroid is easier than an overproducing thyroid. Because it can be treated by taking thyroid hormones. To bring hormones back to a balanced level The body can metabolize normally. Most often have to take it for the rest of their lives.

3. Lump on the thyroid gland

In the case where a lump is found on the thyroid gland Patients often worry about whether they have cancer or not. The answer is that it’s not always necessary. To know whether it is cancer or not, a thyroid nodule must be drilled to take cells for examination. In the past, it was found that only 5% were diagnosed with cancer. Other than that, it’s just a normal lump that isn’t dangerous. If the lump does not affect your daily life, The doctor did not recommend surgery because the area contained both vocal cords. and many blood vessels But you should monitor your symptoms regularly.

4. Causes and risk factors

There is no clear cause of hyperthyroidism and underproducing thyroid hormones. But medically, it is believed that heredity may play a role. Patients with this disease often have families with thyroid disease as well. Suppose our father has thyroid disease. We may have more rights than others to have thyroid disease. While eating too much or too little iodine can also cause risks.