What does a headache tell us?

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What does a headache tell us?

Headaches in different locations may be a rough idea of ​​the disease. Let’s see what pain in different areas tells us.

1. The most common headache disease It is a headache caused by contraction of the muscles around the head. The most common locations for headaches are: Location of the forehead and temples on both sides Sometimes the fracture occurs at the back of the head and neck. Including the shoulders. This is also a condition related to stress.

2. Headache from migraine There will be pain specifically on one side of the temple. The pain may alternate between the left or right side. And when there is pain, sometimes there may be pain that enters the eye socket as well. Patients will ทางเข้า ufabet experience nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and pain. If in bright light Loud noises or pungent smells will make symptoms worse.

3. The next pain is a common pain. That is, pain in the cheekbone area on both sides down to the forehead area. Or is it pain near the bridge of the nose? This is the position of the sinus. If there is sinus inflammation The patient will have pain in this location.

4. Pain caused by inflammation of the jaw There is often pain in front of the ear. which is related to chewing food together Some patients may not realize that they grind their teeth when they sleep. When I wake up in the morning I feel like I’m moving my mouth or chewing food. You will feel pain in front of your ears. May be related to inflammation of the jaw bones in front of the ears.

5. Pain can come from a more serious disease. Whether it is a stroke or brain tumors, in which the pain will be severe There is pain that is more severe. In this life, I have never had pain like this before. I’ve never had pain like this until I was over 50 years old. At this point I’m starting to wonder. In addition, there may be abnormal vision symptoms. Whether you see double vision Or can’t see clearly There is also numbness or weakness in various muscles of the body. Or some people may have more unusual behavior, including seizures.

When you have these symptoms It is recommended to see a doctor urgently. or a headache that is accompanied by a fever or a stiff neck These may indicate inflammation of the meninges. It is recommended to see a doctor immediately.