Things to remember before doing IF.

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If you are interested in doing IF. You should start doing it gradually, from abstaining from food for 16 hours. It may start from 12 hours first. Then gradually increase to 14 hours and gradually to 16 hours and should not eat food during the meal. Got too much You should eat normally. Or limit the type of food in the way that people who lose weight eat. Such as reducing animal fat. Adding vegetables, fruits, etc. will make IF more effective.

In addition, groups of people with certain chronic diseases. Pregnant women and the elderly may need to consult a doctor before doing IF to avoid the negative effects. UFABET That can occur from fasting for a long time.

Advantages/benefits of doing IF

  1. Decreased free radicals in the body
  2. Decreased hidden inflammation in the body
  3. Anti-aging, getting younger as a result of free radicals and decreased inflammation in the body
  4. The body responds better to insulin. (If the body has insulin resistance, it may be at risk of diabetes .)
  5. Helps to make some good genes more expressed, especially substances that promote brain function. Let us be smarter
  6. Better memory
  7. The body can repair DNA better.
  8. The body is better at dealing with unusable cells. By reusing some parts that are still usable. Makes various systems in the body continue to work efficiently
  9. Reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.