How to see bounce Pok Deng. The order of points on the face of the cards.

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For newbies who want to learn to play Pok Deng. Should know how to count the bounce cards before. How are the scores counted? In fact, count the points of poker cards is not difficult at all. But know the points. And How know to count cards also plays an important role.

Because it will play an important role in decision make. To choose your own third card which count the points of the bounce cards will count the numbers on the face of each card to count the total points. Use only the highest unit digit is 9. Which can be see from this example.

  1. A has a point value of 1, except in the case of a cascading card having the highest point.
  2. Cards numbered 2-9 are worth the same value as the number on their face.
  3. 10, J, Q, and K are cards that have no points at all, which is 0.

Sort the bounce Pok Deng cards in order of points.

For new players or are learn to play. If you know how to read the bounce card points before you go into betting. Will be able to play more fun via the UFABET  website. There will be betting games like the real ones. And will be decide on the score with international rules. Which are use around the world as follows

  • Pok 9 is the highest point. But it must be a 9 out of the first two cards only.
  • Poker 8 has the second largest point. And must also block 8 from the first two cards as well.
  • The triple card is the largest card in a 3-card game consisting of 3 cards of the same number.
  • Straight flush is 3 cards line up. and must be the same suit only to call it straight flush
  • What are the tiles? For a sequential card. It is three cards of rank that are lined up without necessarily have the same suit.
  • 3 foreigners, namely cards K, Q, J. Which will have all three types or there can be duplicates.
  • The back 9 is a set of 3 cards with a total of 9 points called the back nine.
  • The back 8 is a set of 3 cards with a total of 8 points, it is called the back eight.
  • Blind, the combine cards have 0 points.