Baccarat History.

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If we are interest in the game of Baccarat. Should know about Baccarat History because if someone asks. We will get Demonstrate knowledge and answer. For the history of baccarat is considered a very long history. Because of the history of research and the evidence that was discovered. It allows us to go back to the 15th century ever. For the word Baccarat (read that Baccarat), it means zero. Which is referred to by the rules of Baccarat. In this card game, there are cards with symbols. Jack,Queen,King in which the game will be represented by 0. Which means that the score is equal to 0 points.


Was then play more widely and spread throughout Europe. It wasn’t until 1950 that the game of Baccarat was introduce to America (Las Vegas) and it became more and more popular. After the Baccarat card game become more popular among gamblers. Later the baccarat table was split. according to the level of betting If anyone has a high bet, they will be play at a baccarat table that has a minimum and maximum wagering requirement. For those who have thick capital, each turn is quite high, it will be arrange to another table. Which does not have a maximum betting set, but has a minimum by UFABET 

The inventor of this game is an Italian man named Felix Falguirein . He is a professional gambler whose invention is believed to be base on the rituals of the Etruscan civilization. Which is older than 1500 BC. This ritual is held in order to recruit young women to serve as priests in the cult. which will use the risk-taking method Choose a girl from specially designed dice. There will be a total of 9 faces, with the dice on each face number from 1 to 9. If any girl who rolls the dice and scores 9 or 8, will be the lucky one to take on the cult. The reason why this cult is so focus on the number 9 is because it worships 9 gods, and its magical and classic history is probably why Felix Falguirein. (Felix Falguiren) took this idea to develop into baccarat game