Atletico Madrid takes over for Gabriel Jesus extra spear.

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Atletico Madrid are set to snatch a bid for Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus next summer. Jesus is set to part ways with Manchester City at the end of the football season. Follow the arrival of new forward Erling Haaland from Borussia Dortmund and previously acquiring Julian. Alvarez spearhead the young Argentine team to join the team in the winter market. Before release it back to River Plate on loan until this summer.

“Sport Witness” reports that. Atletico is one of the clubs interest in sign Gabriel Jesus. Say that play in La Liga is something. That has spearhead Brazilians are also UFABET interest.

Jesus’ agent has previously say seven teams show interest in the 25-year-old. With his future set to be clear at the end of this season. When City are in contention for the Premier League title with Liverpool. 

History of Gabriel Jesus.

 Gabriel Jesus started playing youth club football in 2010-2012 with Anhanguera for 2 years, then in 2013-2015 playing for Palmeiras for 2 years, then stepped into playing in Professional club level from 2010-2016 with Palmeiras for 6 years. Then moved into the Premier League. England with famous club Manchester City in 2017, is a key striker in the team with a style of play that is ready to attack and has the skills of dribbling. It is a young star with talent and determination to play a lot.