Arda Turan opens up about mental health issues

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Arda Turan opened up about her mental health issues at an event at Istanbul Kent University last Wednesday. Football former Galatasaray midfielder Arda Turan opened up about his mental health issues at an event at Istanbul Kent University last Wednesday. He revealed that his time in Spain was the perfect moment for him. According to Diario As. 

Turan made his name with Galatasaray before moving to Spain with Atletico Madrid in the summer of 2011, followed by Barcelona in the summer of 2015, until his return to hometown playing with Bajacce. Hire in 2018 and has been with his former team Galatasaray in 2020 until now. He had trouble controlling his emotions and fighting fiercely. As a result of mental health problems UFABET.

‘I’ve been having trouble sleeping for years, I can’t sleep, it’s a confession. But I don’t take good care of myself. The reason is pure psychology. There were moments when I wasn’t able to recover my mental health well.’

‘I started with diet. And I dropped it after 10 days. I started working and I thought I was beaten. I don’t blame anyone. But the atmosphere in the country (Turkey) made me discouraged. can’t step forward five Makes me discouraged.’

‘I take care of myself much better in Spain and I feel more independent. There is nothing better than feeling free. I consider my adventures in Spain to be complete. I had a very good day [there],’ said the 35-year-old midfielder.